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Customized Offerings
to Increase Health and Faithfulness in the Congregation

Tailor any of the offerings in Lamb's Ear seminars or retreats to your own circumstances and needs.

If your circumstances call for intervention, work with the consultant on tools and facilitation keyed to your particular situation.

Below are ideas to spur creative thinking for leader development.

The consultant will work with your leaders to design a workshop or retreat for your particular needs. You can also pick a topic from the offered selections and the consultant will help you tailor it to your circumstances.
If a retreat, training topic or seminar idea looks helpful to you, click on the contact icon Swirl to open a conversation on next steps.

Quiet Days and Retreats
  • Regular spiritual retreats to encourage leaders
  • Silent retreats
  • Day retreats to refresh and strengthen committees and small groups in the congregation
  • Family or All-Congregation retreats to unite the generations
  • Retreats and Quiet Days to develop a corporate as well as individual awareness of God at the heart of life and work in the community
Whole Systems Consultation and Facilitation
  • Envision the future
  • Work out a particularly knotty situation in leadership decision making
  • Develop initiatives
  • Plan change
  • Respond to chaotic situations within the community or institution
Training Ideas
  • Remain fruitful in existing work, attentive to needs and goals
  • Build strong communication skills
  • Improve openness to questions and options
  • Acquire good listening skills
  • Name and attend to unfinished business
  • Learn or conduct Mutual Ministry reviews to develop leader accountability
  • Learn and practice thoughtful silence
  • Ascertain challenges, levels of conflict in the congregation
  • Name and commit to specific areas of health and growth already emerging in the parish
  • Learn new models for understanding and leading community
  • Emphasize and revitalize stewardship