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Coordinate active learning and spiritual reflection.

5 workshops coordinated with 5 spiritual retreats
for 5 essentials in healthy congregations

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Workshop: Action Planning

Here's an opportunity to learn how to plan and effectively carry out your intentions. This workshop presents tested methods helping committees and leaders to move from planning to acting on decisions and commitments.

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Spiritual Retreat: Exercising Public Trust

A retreat on the stewardship of the congregation s trust in its leaders. The retreat considers leaders' and members' expectations examined in light of goals and mission. In advance of the retreat, the leaders are asked to assess their personal support of the church s ministry and mission, and also to assess the congregation's support of their leadership in these essential emphases.

Forming Community

Workshop: Your Theology is Showing

This workshop offers a fresh perspective for leaders struggling to grasp their own responsibilities for witness in light of their community's understanding of worship and ministry. The workshop examines the budget as the congregation's statement of belief.

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Spiritual Retreat: Created Whole, Wholly Called

A retreat on being and working in the presence of God, using Celtic liturgies, Christian Celtic theology and Christian Celtic understandings of a community in ministry, based in the texts by J.P. Newell.


Workshop: The Faith Interview

A workshop in which leaders experience the effects of asking, and being asked, three essential questions about what they believe and how their worshipping community supports them in living out their faith.
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Spiritual Retreat: On Being Salt and Light

A retreat on the nature of being reliable, appropriate and authentic witnesses: is the shaker more important tha n the salt? Is the lamp more important than the light?


Workshop: Wordless Wisdom

A workshop on the use and value of silence at points of disagreement or conflict in leadership meetings. This is especially helpful if your leaders have tense or contentious meetings.

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Spiritual Retreat: Prayer in Your Own Words, in Others' Words

A retreat exploring spontaneous and liturgical prayer in leadership settings. Looks at reasons for spontaneity, considers the creativity of collects, includes experience with a variety of liturgies.

Stewardship Year Round

Workshop:But what do we have to do?

This workshop is an introduction to leadership's responsibilities for stewardship year round: The workshop looks at current leader roles and compares them with strategic changes for support of stronger emphasis on stewardship throughout the year

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Spiritual Retreat: What do you have? Providence and Stewardship:

A retreat focused on awareness of essentials and abundance. Considers the imbalance with which we live our lives, living as in scarcity while praying to a God of abundance. If you use what you have, you will not only have enough, but more than enough.